Joint Pain Relief Without Surgery


Short for “proliferation therapy”, prolotherapy is a nonsurgical treatment which stimulates healing. Prolotherapy is also known as nonsurgical ligament and tendon reconstruction, or regenerative injection therapy.

Prolotherapy works by getting the body to use its own natural healing mechanisms to repair injured and painful joint areas. This is done through a series of injections, designed to cause inflammation in the injured tissue. The treatment originated in the 1930’s when Dr. Earl Gedney, an osteopathic surgeon, successfully treated his own severely injured hand.

Many people are familiar with injections of corticosteroids. Those will typically suppress inflammation but tend to only provide temporary relief for chronic conditions. Prolotherapy injections, given over the course of several months, are meant to provide a permanent benefit. Some say that prolotherapy tricks the body into a healing response!

Injections used during prolotherapy contain natural substances that stimulate the healing response, as well as local anesthetic agents to help with the pain of the injection. Some of the traditional formulas include ingredients such as dextrose, saline, sarapin and procaine or lidocaine. Some more recent and newer formulas include Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

Some Areas/problems treated include:

  • Low back or mid-back pain including degenerative disc disease and sacro-iliac joint instability/dysfunction,
  • neck pain
  • knee pain
  • knee meniscal tears
  • wrist or hand pain
  • osteoarthritis
  • shoulder pain including rotator cuff tears
  • elbow pain including golfers or tennis elbow
  • foot pain including plantar fasciitis
  • ankle pain or instability
  • hyper-mobility
  • osteitis pubis
  • IT band syndrome
  • piriformis syndrome
  • temporal mandibular joint syndrome (TMJ)
  • other musculoskeletal pain or injury

Benefits of Prolotherapy

  1. May reduce or even eliminate the discomfort associated with arthritis by tightening the connective tissues that support an arthritic joint.
  2. Benefits people with some types of chronic pain as well as those with sports injuries.
  3. In studies of knee injuries, patients with ligament laxity and instability experienced a tightening of those ligaments, including the often disabling anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).
  4. Best for patients with musculoskeletal pain who do not have underlying conditions that would interfere with healing.
  5. In a study of people with chronic low back pain resulting from injured ligaments in the sacroiliac joint, biopsies done three months after treatment showed a 60 percent increase in the diameter of connective tissue. The patients reported a decrease in pain and an increased range of motion.

What to Expect

  • Doctor will review your full medical history.
  • A physical exam will be conducted.
  • A treatment plan will be determined and discussed.
  • If prolotherapy is appropriate, a series of appointments will be scheduled.


Possible Side Effects of Prolotherapy

  • Patients may experience bruising and a temporary increase in pain in the injected area because of the induced inflammation.
  • Rare risks include infection, headache, nerve irritation or allergic reaction.At Revolution Health Medical Center, we offer more than just Alternative Medicine. Our Naturopathic Medical Doctors are licensed primary care physicians that are trained to treat acute and chronic conditions with the best of holistic and conventional medicine.

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